History & Mission


In 1995, the State Legislature created the independent Hawaii Teacher Standards Board (HTSB) to set licensing standards for Hawaii public school teachers. Teachers must meet these standards in order to qualify for a Hawaii teaching license.

In 2002, the Legislature transferred responsibility for teacher licensing and State Approval of Teacher Education to the HTSB. Teachers must be licensed in order to be employed in a Hawaii public school and they must renew their teaching license every five years for a Standard License and every ten years for an Advanced License.

HTSB-Booklet-2_2013.pdf contains additional information about HTSB.


The HTSB envisions a highly esteemed public education system with rigorous professional teacher standards that foster student success.


Our mission is to collaboratively set high teacher licensing and credentialing standards to:

  • Provide every child with qualified teachers.
  • Promote professionalism and teaching excellence.
  • Build public confidence in the teaching profession.
  • Provide more accountability to the public.