Deadline for All Hawaii DOE and Charter School Teachers to Have Active License or Permit

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The following are the deadlines for all actively employed public school teachers/counselors/librarians to have the appropriate license or permit for the 16/17 school year.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 – for all those hired by the first school day of the fall semester.

MARCH 31, 2017 – for all those hired by the first school day of the spring semester.

Pursuant to HRS §302A-808, a penalty of $500 will be imposed immediately on the above mentioned dates to any person teaching (including counselors and librarians) in a DOE or Charter School without the proper license or permit.  A $500 fine PER EMPLOYEE will also immediately be assessed to DOE or Charter School principals who knowingly allowed said employee(s) to teach without the proper license or permit.

HTSB has included this information in our back to school letter, which was given to all principals for distribution, and was included on a mass email to all active employees.  HTSB will not be sending out individual warning notices to those who do not hold a license/permit or whose license/permit has expired or gone into forfeiture, as it is the responsibility of the licensee to keep their license current.

Please contact Christina Simpson at 586-2619 if you have any questions about the deadline and/or penalties.

View the 2016-2017 Back to School Letter here.