Name Change

Hawaii Department of Education teachers who have submitted name change documents to the DOE do not have to submit duplicate documentation to HTSB. If you have completed a name change with the Hawaii DOE let HTSB know by sending a message from your MyHTSB account under the “Contact HTSB” tab.

Teachers who have not completed a name change with the DOE will need to submit a $25 fee in the form of a personal check along with their completed paperwork to our office.

If you are not a Hawaii Department of Education employee, to change the name on your license you must submit the following in one complete packet to HTSB:

  • HTSB Form LA 5009 – Request for name change containing your new name and signature/date.
  • Copy of your social security card issued to your new name.

Requests for name change received without supporting documentation will not be processed.