Emergency Hire

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A limited duty permit is issued to an individual employed by the Hawaii Department of Education to provide instruction as an emergency hire in a declared shortage area where no licensed teacher is available or the individual is assigned to a school that is identified as hard to staff.

You cannot apply for an Emergency Hire Special Permit until you have been hired by the Hawaii Department of Education and the department has notified the HTSB. Once this process is completed you will be required to go online, create a MyHTSB account, submit the online application and pay your fee. Fees for July 1-June 30 are $48 per year. If hired at another time during the year, your fee will be prorated accordingly.

Requirements for Emergency Hire Renewals

1. Emergency Hire permits must be renewed yearly.

2. The DOE or Charter School Commission will update HTSB on those applicants who will be eligible for another Emergency Hire permit.

3. Once our system is updated with the names of the applicants, then applicants will be able to renew their permit online.

All applicants applying for a permit must pay the fee to practice the profession of teaching. Fees for licenses and permits are non-refundable.


$48 per year

Payment Options

You will be notified by email to pay your license fee when all other requirements are met if you have created an online account at www.htsb.org. You may pay online using a credit or debit card or checking account number (eCheck).

Payment using the MyHTSB online account will automatically issue your license, allow you to print a copy of your license, and display your new license information in the HTSB License Search for the public. The online system vendor, eHawaii.gov, charges an administrative fee to support the online system but HTSB will pay this fee for you when you pay online.

Payment Using the MyHTSB Online Account Permit Fee Administrative Fee charged by eHawaii.gov is paid by HTSB Your Total
Annual Payment $48.00 $5.80 $48.00


Late payments may incur a $25 charge. All payments are non-refundable.