Educator Preparation Program/Unit Review

Educator Preparation Program/Unit Review

Hawai’i Specific Requirements: In Accordance with NBI 13-24, EPPs must provide evidence that their candidates meet Hawai’i specific requirements. The requirements are listed in the chart. This document must be included in provisional reports as well as CAEP accreditation reports.  Hawai’i Specific Requirements:
NBI 13-24

Out of State Educator Preparation Program: Programs with approval in their home state but without national accreditation must submit a letter of intent to the HTSB and go through the Hawaii SATE process.
NBI 11-24Rev

CAEP: The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) site has information on accreditation, the standards, events, news, and resources.

CAEP Conference Presentations: You can access CAEP presentations by clicking on “Resources” on the CAEP home page. The presentations are listed for both fall and spring conferences beginning in fall 2012. Additionally you can access the CAEP sessions at the AACTE Annual Meeting.

AIMS: The Accreditation Information Management System (AIMS) is an integrated system that provides tools to collaborate with CAEP and to facilitate the accreditation process.
AIMS monitors every component of the accreditation process as well as Annual Reports.