School Librarian Performance Standards

The Hawaii Teacher Standards Board approved adoption of the School Librarian Performance Standards on August 27, 2012, as new business item 11-52 (PDF). Hawaii State Approved Teacher Education Programs (SATEP)  incorporated these Performance Standards into their programs as of July 1, 2014. These new standards replace the existing Teacher Performance Standards for librarians renewing their licenses that expire on or after July 1, 2014. These standards are adopted from the American Library Association (ALA) American Association of School Librarians (AASL)


The effective school librarian focuses on students’ long-term development into responsible and independent learners. Effective students acquire the basic skills and dispositions necessary to achieve autonomy, literacy, responsibility to self and other, and lifelong learning. The ultimate goal is for students to become positive, confident, competent, caring learners who demonstrate initiative, solve problems, set goals, and make decisions that help them to function successfully in a rapidly changing technological society. The educational system must develop citizens who can govern themselves and have a global perspective. The citizens must be flexible, resourceful, and able to deal with open-endedness, complexity, information explosion, and accelerated growth in technologies while maintaining a set of values, individual stability, and integrity.


Standard 1: Teaching for Learning
Standard 2: Literacy and Reading
Standard 3: Information and Knowledge
Standard 4: Advocacy and Leadership
Standard 5: Program Management and Administration

PDF Summary of Librarian Standards: Hawaii School Librarian Performance Standards

Code of Ethics